Protected Posts

Update: Some doors are closed until further notice. If you’re new to this site or your old key doesn’t seem to unlock all that it used to and you are dying to read the protected material email me at (remove the fucking and dashes) and I might send you a password. (Feb 3, 2008)

genie let out of the bottle
it is now the witching hour

As you might have noticed, some of my posts are passworded. This is just a precaution against unwanted intruders, and they are there to protect the guilty. If for some reason you’re inclined to read them, be my guest, go ahead. For the password, visit my “About” page. If that doesn’t work for you, email me at the address there with a proper subject line, and I’ll probably send you one. Then again, remember you’re allowed to read this blog if and only if you’re NOT a current or prospective employer, a student of mine, an ex-wife, a lunatic ex-girlfriend, a lesser life-form, and/or a hypocrite. I also assume you’ve read the disclaimer. Enjoy.