A Perfect World. (Oh boy.)

Chris has recently written something that touched Plato, Aristotle, our “perfect” world, and my subconsciousness —all at the same time. “Settle down there, old man. You don’t need to wander off to another world. It’s all right in front of you. You just have to get out of your cave once in a while.” Said his Aristotle, sticking it to Plato, and his freaking Forms. I liked it. Probably because I’m all about sticking it to Plato. (It’s a noteworthy fact to document here that I used to be a big fan of Plato and his “Oh I’m all about heroic acts and nonsense” Socrates up until 2005; the year that’s changed everything.) But then Chris added:

“Yup. Perfection is here in the real world. You just have to look for it. But sometimes chance throws you one and you stumble on it.”

While Chris was innocently referring to his son’s discovery of an perfectly shaped acorn, this claim still touched me deeply. Perfection still? In this world? No Chris, I fear I have to completely disagree.

I’m a man who’s lost all faith in humanity and that which is touched by it. Therefore, I believe nothing in the world (or on the Moon, or other reached corners of the Universe for that matter) can ever become perfect again. Not even if “we” were able to get it down to absolute zero. I’ve spent my last seven years trying to find one single perfect thing in the world. Nothing, but nothing came out. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I need to get out of my cave, but unless otherwise is proven, which is kind of impossible, I’ll keep believing in this, and at the same time hope that someone will refute me soon.

May the more knowledgeable forgive me.

(I really didn’t put forward my real counter-argument, which, given my inability to do it well at the moment, I believe is pretty smart of me. If I allow myself to repeat the words of a master, the preceding merely defines a way of thinking.)

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