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I’ve signed up for Lykeion Books Newsletter in the recent past, and I’ve just received my free T-shirt in the mail from Chris Howard of Lykeion Books as part of his giveaways. Chris was so kind that along with the T-shirt he included a [signed] copy of “The Wreath,” a “lively and smart fantasy” book he co-authored with his daughter, Chloe. Chris even paid for the shipping himself!

Thanks, Chris! Thanks, Chloe!

I first heard about Chris a few years back through his awesome Aristotle website, The following is the passage placed on the front door of

He who examines the most general features of existence, must investigate also the principles of reasoning. For he who gets the best grasp of his respective subject will be most able to discuss its basic principles. So that he who gets the best grasp of existing things qua existing must be able to discuss the basic principles of all existence; and he is the philosopher. And the most certain principle of all is that about which it is impossible to be mistaken… It is clear, then, that such a principle is the most certain of all and we can state it thus: “It is impossible for the same thing at the same time to belong and not belong to the same thing at the same time and in the same respect.”
-Aristotle, Metaphysics, 1005b12-20
Formulation for the Law of Non-contradiction

As a big fan of Aristotle myself, this is also one of my favorite Aristotelian passages. (Funny thing, whenever I read this, I remember how disrespectful Ayn Rand was and how much I dislike her. I remember her speaking about the same aforesaid principle as if it’s hers, without giving any credit to the Proprietor of the Lyceum.)

Anyway. is one of my favorite internet stops for information on and about the works of Aristotle. While you’re there, give the Library a visit, too.

Chris blogs at and more can be found about him there.

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  1. Chris Howard wrote:

    I’m glad you like the shirt and book–and, Koray. I wish I had more time to devote to non-con–and Aristotle in general, but I’m off doing so many other things. It does get steady traffic; even in the summer, it averages 50 visits a day. Looking at the clean and cool design of makes me want to redesign One of these days.

    You’re at Purdue! I spent the first year of life in West Lafayette, while my dad finished his masters in EE. I don’t remember Indiana, but it has a special place in my soul, which shows up every now and then in weird ways: I have an SF short story I’m trying to get published in which some of the early colonists of a particular planet all came from Purdue.

    Posted 18 Aug 2006 at 9:51 am
  2. Koray wrote:

    Yes, I’ve been living in Indiana for 3 years now, and last May I received my chemistry degree from Purdue University Calumet, an extension of the main (West Lafayette) campus. Located in Hammond, NW Indiana, it’s only 20-30 miles away from Downtown Chicago. Purdue is a nice place, I’ve studied and been working here for a long time. Good or bad, a lot have been changed in my life since I’ve moved here. But I’d like to join your colonists just to go and live on a different planet, and start over. You know, sometimes one needs to be more liberal. :) Then again, I’m going to be teaching this Fall, and for me this is very exciting. So I guess I’ll stay here at Purdue some more.

    It’s nice -but not surprising!- to hear that has a loyal visitor body. I love it; it’s very informative and pretty as it is. It’s great that you’re planning to work on it, though. I’m sure it’ll only get better. I wish one day I could do something like that.

    I’m glad you stopped by, Chris. And thanks for the kind words about

    Posted 18 Aug 2006 at 5:16 pm
  3. Nobuntu wrote:

    Thank-you so much for posting this atlicre. I am a young ministry leader myself, and just needed a little bit of help getting myself re-focused today after a difficult couple of weeks.

    Posted 20 Sep 2015 at 9:04 am

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