On Notice: AT&T, SBC, and Yahoo!

I’m very angry at SBC/AT&T/Yahoo! (Or whatever they call themselves.)

It’s been almost a year since I sent in my $50 DSL equipment rebate form and still haven’t received my check. When I desperately called them again recently, they’ve said it will take 10-12 weeks. “Hello?!” I’ve said. “Do you realize that you don’t make any sense, sir?” (Meaning: Dude, are you fuckin’ for real?) “I’ve just told you I’ve already waited a year.” I added, and hang up before I burst into flames and destroy all that is stupid.

Also, every other month, (sometimes every month) they keep charging me extra for the dial-up service I do not have anymore. I signed up for that three years ago, but switched to DSL last year. I guess what they are trying to do is to stick it to me hoping that I won’t notice the amount on the bill. They probably do this to a lot of people; trying to resurrect old charges and keep them recurring, and thus make lots of money. And because they provide no such service, it’s all profit, compared to their way-more-than-900% profit margin for the services they poorly provide. Very clever indeed.

Numerous times I called about this issue in the past —apparently meaning they charged me over and over for a service they did not provide— and reversed the charges, but last time I called for the same purpose, they told me that they cannot give me the money back since me paying the bill means that I agreed to the charges. Hell no! I didn’t agree. I did not get that service, how can you charge me? The only reason I paid it is because I didn’t want my services interrupted for being late for payment. Imagine how much undeserved money they’d make by using this trick if only, let’s say, 3 out of 20 people couldn’t immediately find the time to wait on hold for a long time to dispute it, and did what I’ve done. Yes, a whole lot!

However I might be pissed off, and however I sound like a crying child here, I’m far from being a silly kid. And thanks to Adam Smith, there are always other frantic monsters, e.g. Comcast, ready to take my money. All I say is: You either give my money all back, or you’re “Dead to Me,” SBC, AT&T, and Yahoo!.

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