This is a poem that I wrote not too long ago. Enjoy.

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Stepped into the store, as if she’s interested
Felt the nice leather purse, once alive prettier.
Then towards Victoria’s Secret she strolled,
Knowing men liked it, very much so.
She too wanted to be liked, just like others
After all, she was a girl. A pretty one, too.
The mall was big, ceiling like a mountain
Stairways to top, ascending, lit artificially
Where once stood a mighty cornfield. Or soybean.
She looked at one, and said “Hi.”
Old woman, wise, smiled. But did not reply in words.
A clash came to happen in her mind:
While she imagined herself of old age,
She knew she didn’t want this
Neither had she wanted the fancy bra
She just wanted to be loved…too much.
But not by those hungry for flesh alone
She bought that bottle of perfume, anyway
For that it smelled so good, and incase,
The dream boy comes along and they kiss
While they swiped her card, she thought
At the coffee stand, of all of these and much more.
A little cream and sugar, this time not black
Bored, she just wanted a change, for Heaven’s sake.

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