Happy Birthday, Alanur!

Today is Alanur’s birthday.

Alanur Akarsu, the proprietor of www.alanur.com, is now 7 years old. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Alanur moved to United States with her parents when she was 11 months old. She started her education at the age of 2 in Hyde Park, Chicago, and continued her studies in Highland, Indiana, until she had to move back to Istanbul with her mother at age 4. Lately, she’s been seriously thinking about moving back to the U.S. for the upcoming school year, or maybe sooner for that matter, to visit her father, and continue with her studies.

Alanur and Dad

Incidentally, the weirdest thing happened to happen while she was talking on the phone today. Odd as it is, a stray kitten walked into the house, that she told me very excited, and that she was very happy, for she always wanted a kitten as a birthday present, but couldn’t have any so far, being a little girl allergic to fury animals. She was allowed to pet the kitten awhile, though. Partly because she was growing out of the disease, but mostly because it was her birthday, for kittens’ sake. Her voice sounded happier and happier as she talked and kept caressing. She said she named her “Silver,” after her grey fur with white stripes. Although she knew she wasn’t going to enjoy this cozy company for long, her dream came true in a way, one could tell, and she was so very happy. And very soon, when she grows just a little stronger, she is going to have a kitten of her own, her mom promised so, she told me.

Happy Birthday, Alanur! We all love you.

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