The Art of Flight: A Documentary

For those who might be interested, Google Video has a documentary called “The Art of Flight.”

The description is as follows:

The Art Of Flight is a guerrilla documentary that was shot illegally in Egypt on camcorders and a laptop. The film serves as a back story to the 2006 massacre of Sudanese refugees in Cairo. The filmmaker was nearly arrested three times during the course of shooting. This feature-length film tells the story of three people a refugee from southern Sudan, a human rights activist from northern Sudan and an American journalist in self-imposed exile all living in Cairo. For very different reasons, the trio has found themselves struggling to survive in Egypt a U.S.-financed dictatorship which has reluctantly become their home. The film essentially summarizes the events leading up to the January 2006 killing of protestors outside UNHCR’s office in Cairo and the brutality inherent in the regime of Hosni Mubarak. The Art Of Flight features artwork of Sudanese painters living in exile. In addition to paintings from Sudanese artists and torture victims, the film also features an original soundtrack by Al-Khafiyeen, a musical ensemble of refugees who played together for a single night to score the film. The film delves deep into questions about the nature of charity, the consequences of American empire and the price of silence.

You can view it here.

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